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DSTV Live Streaming

MultiChoice has warned of an increasing number of scams targeting South African DStv customers, and it has listed some of the most prevalent attacks.

One of the most prevalent scams at the moment preys on DStv customers who want to upgrade to the platform’s Premium package. Premium upgrade scam

After this payment is made, the scammer pockets the money and leaves the victim without any Premium upgrade. “Please be aware that you can upgrade your DStv account online at any time, do not believe anyone claiming to upgrade your account on your behalf,” MultiChoice said.

Phishing and installation scams This is not the only way scammers are trying to cheat DStv customers out of their money – there are a variety of other scams which are on the rise. One type of phishing attack sees scammers inform DStv customers by email that they have won a cash gift card or prize money from a MultiChoice competition, and asks the recipient to provide their personal details to claim the prize. Other DStv customers have received an SMS claiming to be from MultiChoice which demands payment for a DStv Explora account.

The SMS threatens action if payment is not made immediately and includes banking details. “This SMS is not from DStv,” MultiChoice said. “Please do NOT make payment into any bank account or through any link supplied.


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Beware DStv Premium Upgrade Scam In South Africa

MultiChoice added that there are also scams spread over social media posing as recruitment ads for the company. The company said that one of its recruiters does use Facebook and Twitter to advertise roles, but each of these advertisements has a reference number which can be verified with the recruiter in question. “Please note that neither MultiChoice nor its suppliers will ever offer to drive you to an interview,” MultiChoice said. “Please be vigilant.” Now read: How DStv chooses the Sunday night movie


CuriosityStream Announces It Is Now Serving Over 10.5 Million Paying Subscribers

and wildlife to food and lifestyle. Commenting on CuriosityStream’s content, John Hendricks stated: “In 2014, CuriosityStream began a 6-year effort to aggregate a curated library of the highest-quality factual content in all the genres of factual television from the world’s leading producers.

worldwide, in perpetuity.” This communication and any oral statements made regarding the subject of this communication may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

the intense competition present in the Company’s industry and its ability, in the face of such competition, to acquire new subscribers and retain existing subscribers, (3) the Company’s ability to license streaming content or other rights upon terms acceptable to it, (4) the Company’s ability to enter into distribution agreements upon terms acceptable to it, and (5) other risks and uncertainties identified in the Company’s communications to its shareholders. The foregoing list of factors is not exclusive.

Growth is accelerating, and the company expects to continue its substantial subscriber gains through the end of this year and throughout 2020. The company also announced today that it has partnered with Millicom for upcoming launches in 9 Latin American countries.

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