housewife commits suicide in Amtali who is 6 months pregnant

by Hasan
housewife commits suicide in Amtali who is 6 months pregnant

housewife commits suicide in Amtali who is 6 months pregnant

Zia Uddin: In Barguna’s Amtali, a 6-month-pregnant housewife named Maria Akhter (18) committed suicide by hanging herself with a scarf around her neck.

The incident took place at the house of father Solomon Sarkar around 12 noon on Wednesday. A case has been filed in this regard. The body has been sent to the morgue for an autopsy today. Housewife commits suicide in Amtali who is 6 months pregnant, Bangladesh.

According to family sources, the son of Babul Mridha of Kaunia village in Chawla union of the Upazila got married to Rakibul Islam, a motorcyclist, and secretly got married to Maria Akhter, daughter of Solaiman Sarkar of Chandra village in the same union. Later the families on both sides accepted their relationship. Then Rakibul Islam went to Dhaka in search of livelihood and started working as a mason.

On the other hand, if his wife Maria has a child, her husband Rakibul Islam left her at the house of his father-in-law Solaiman Sarkar a month ago. Since then, wife Maria has been staying at her father’s house. Maria, a 6-month-old pregnant housewife, committed suicide by hanging herself from a rice husk on the north side of Solaiman Sarkar’s house at around 12 noon on Wednesday while she was at her father’s house. Relatives found Maria’s body hanging on the porch of the house and informed the police. Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot, unloaded the body, and brought it to the police station. Husband Rakibul Islam was staying in Dhaka at the time of the incident. However, the cause of suicide was not known.

The police report of this case

Police yesterday (Monday) wanted to investigate the autopsy of Maria’s body, but both families objected to not conducting an autopsy. Police ignored the objections of both families and sent Maria’s body to Barguna Morgue for the autopsy on Thursday morning.

Solaiman Sarkar, the father of the deceased, said, “My daughter probably committed suicide by hanging herself.” No one in the family, including him, can say why he committed suicide.

Amtali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Shah Alam Hawlader said on his mobile phone, “After receiving the news, I sent the police to the spot and recovered the body and brought it to the police station.” An unsolved case has been filed at the police station in this incident. Both the families expressed their inability to investigate the autopsy yesterday but this morning the body was sent to Barguna morgue for autopsy. Edit: Happy


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