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Somoy TV live streaming is available here. This is an online channel of somoy news tv and this streaming is live. Watch all Bangladeshi news live with somoy news tv live Today.
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Somoy TV live streaming

Somoy TV is a Bangladeshi news channel. this channel shows a different kind of news including Cultural, traditional, political, sports, weather, etc. All news is available up to date. This channel mainly shows Bangladeshi news, but it also shows world news. This channel shows live event on different cultural and political activities. watch Somoy TV live streaming officially on their website. You can also watch somoy news live on YouTube. You get every update on our website about somoy news live.


Somoy TV Live today

In Today’s Activity, Somoy TV shows a different kind of schedule on their website. this channel officially shows a different kind of news and live event on their website. This is a very popular and trusted channel ask over Bangladesh. People get their daily update news every hour.

somoy tv live streaming

Somoy News live today all event. Somoy TV starting of test transmission on 10 October 2010 and commercially on-air since 17 April 2011. Somoy gives topmost priority to news and news contents. For providing LIVE news, Digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) and Bonding Technology are used for emergency and live news. For news coverage beyond Dhaka, there are nine Bureau offices including all the divisional cities and over 56 district correspondents. I take directly international news feed from Reuters, APTN, and SNTV. Somoy Television can be seen throughout North America, some countries of EuropeMiddle EastSouth Africa and some countries of Asia. Programs are also news based, focusing on the news and information, analysis of the news. Some of the programs are Shompadokiyo and Somoy Shonglap


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